An inconvenient shrink: Continental's carry-on limit gets smaller...just in time for Thanksgiving


The tale of the scrimping airlines gets curiouser and curiouser. And shiftier and shiftier. Continental has announced that it will reduce the maximum size of its passengers' carry-on bags by a full six inches.

That's right. As of November 1, if you try to tote a bag measuring more than a total of 51 inches, by the rights the airline can turn you around and force you to pay to check it. The new rule says that domestic carry-ons can't measure more than 45 inches.

Gee, Continental, this stricter rule wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that as of October 7, you now charge $15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second, would it? After all, there are lots of people whose bags fit in the overhead bin just fine today, but as of the Thanksgiving flight rush, could potentially be forced to shell out for them. You wouldn't be taking advantage of consumers, would you? You won't take these new rules as an opportunity for the extra-charge police to stop passengers with a poorly timed gotcha, right?