Bah humbug! Northern Virginia mall gives Santa the boot!


Every November for the last 18 years, Michael Graham, a 51-year old carpenter from Tennessee, has closed up shop, packed three red suits and a pair of black leather boots, and traveled to Fairfax County, Virginia, where he is the Christmas Santa at Tysons Corner Mall. This year, however, he won't be making the trip; although Graham had a contract until 2012, Tysons recently informed him that his services will no longer be needed. As the Washington Post reports, it is too late for Graham to find alternate employment and, without his yearly Santa salary, he will likely lose his home. Consequently, he is pursuing legal action against his former employer.

UPDATE: The AP is now reporting that the mall is rehiring Graham. Earlier in the week, the mall had apologized to its fired Santa and is trying to help him find a job. But now that won't be necessary.

Santas, Santas Everywhere