Ten cars you can live in when they repossess your house

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Living in your car. It's one way to save a whole lot of money. We feature here, courtesy of Jalopnik, Ten cars you could probably live in if your house is repossessed.

With all the bad financial news spiraling down into worse financial news, you might be thinking about downsizing your life. Or your life might be downsizing despite of you. We've probably all wondered if we could handle actually living in a vehicle (or maybe that's just me?). The good news is, with car sales at appalling lows and dealerships going out of business left and right, you can probably get a very good deal on one of these cars today.
The options for vehicle-living might surprise you. While the Ford Econoline Van is the obvious first choice for space, privacy and price, Jalopnik makes a convincing case for several smaller, economy cars as well.

Take the Volkswagon Golf/Rabbit, for example. Not big enough for a family, no, but for a single guy or gal down on their luck, not a bad option. The hatchback offers ease of access to storage, and the four-door models are good for "urban campers" of all stripes. It can be bought new at around $17K, or you can cash out the last of your 401K and pick up a used one for as little as $5,000.

The Volvo 740 station wagon is another imaginative choice. Safe, roomy, and known to run almost forever, this car will also clean up well enough for you to continue passing as a suburban soccer mom long after your McMansion has been foreclosed upon.

Your other option, mom, is to live out of your Chevy Suburban, provided it hasn't also been repo'd along with the trappings of your former life. Don't worry about mileage. Gas has come down a little, enabling you to drive from the docks to the YMCA for showers along with hubby and all three kids. Best of all? They're practically giving these puppies away these days.
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