Suze Orman's got milk and other sponsorships in her pocket thanks to the financial crisis


Calling Suze Orman "the best-known personal-finance adviser out there" today, the Wall Street Journal delved into how the TV personality was taking some of her own advice and profiting from it. The advice isn't so complicated -- mostly along the lines of "make lemons out of lemonade" -- but the Journal hints that it is somewhat troubling how Orman is going about it as she makes the rounds on all the networks, from CNN to Oprah, and in writing her books and columns, like for O magazine.

Money All-Stars

What's she doing that is raising eyebrows? Her "Got Milk" campaign is one thing, although it is fairly innocuous as far as public services messages go, and the same goes for her PSAs explaining the FDIC. But more troubling is an ad she did in 2004 for General Motors and numerous corporate speaking gigs. The Journal says many companies are now courting her to pitch their products -- everything from "telecommunications services to laundry detergent" but that the only one to really spark a response from her would be Folgers.