Toys R Us brings back the jingle and the savings for a Black Friday preview

While Toys R Us hasn't shown its Black Friday hand just yet, if the promotion launched today is an example of things to come it looks like our Black Friday predictions will be spot-on. Toys R Us is kicking off its holiday advertising with the "lowest prices of the season," what it claims is the largest selection of Fisher-Price toys and items for every budget. While the new ad campaign focuses primarily on cost and selection it also looks to lure young parents back to the store by beginning the ads with the easily recognizable, "I'm a Toys R Us Kid" jingle, which many of us know by heart.

Toy Wishes Hot Dozen

    Every year, Toy Wishes magazine names the "Hot Dozen" -- toys that the trade magazine predicts will be the hottest sellers that holiday season. On this year's list: Toy: Kota the Triceratops Manufacturer: Hasbro Playskool | Price: $300

    Hasbro / AP

    Toy: Ultimate Wall-E Manufacturer: Thinkway Toys | Price: $249.99

    Thinkway Toys / AP

    Toy: U-Dance Manufacturer: Hasbro | Price: $74.99

    Hasbro / AP

    Toy: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Manufacturer: Spin Master | Price: $12.99


    Toy: Disney Clickables Fairy Charms Starter Set Manufacturer: Techno Source | Price: $29.99

    Toy: Animal Scramble Manufacturer: Wild Planet | Price: $29.99

    Wild Planet / AP

    Toy: Bratz Really Rock! Jade Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment | Price: $19.99

    Toy: Crayola Glow Station Manufacturer: Crayola | Price: $29.99

    Crayola / AP

    Toy: Pacific Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker Manufacturer: Jakks | Price: $29.99

    Toy: Lego Angents Mission 6: Mobile Command Center Manufacturer: Lego | Price: $89.99

Also coming from Toys R Us is the Toys R Us Big Toy Book, which I remember eagerly leafing through as a kid, circling all of the cool toys I wanted in hopes that they would make it under our tree. I'd suggest having your kid go through the book before Black Friday since Toys R Us and other retailers are moving up the discounts every day. Based on the products Toys R Us is pitching in its upcoming ad campaign, I think it's safe to say that they've set their sights on Wal-Mart and KB Toys, who have already come out swinging with low prices on Fisher-Price and other popular toys.

When I took a minute to preview these new spots for Toys R Us, I was instantly hooked by the familiar jingle. I'm all grown up, but I can guarantee that I'll be checking out the store for my toy needs -- my very grown up video gaming needs -- especially as Black Friday approaches. I think returning to the classic jingle will also score big with young parents who don't want to grow up, especially since being a grown up means dealing with the economy. I can already picture a good friend driving his two children to Toys R Us this year singing the full song from our childhood; if I catch him on camera you can be sure to see it on youtube in the near future!

Sadly, as far as Black Friday information goes this is just the hype before the hype. With the toy market heading into fierce competition, retailers will need every tool at their disposal to win. It might seem too simple that a jingle would make a difference, but I wouldn't be surprised if that bit of nostalgia inspires brand loyalty, and given that prices will be low everywhere, that may be what pushes Toys R Us to the top of toy retailers this year.

Be sure to check back every day as Black Friday draws closer for specific deals and how to get them with the least hassle.
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