Super Bowl tickets top $1,000 for the first time!

Super Bowl XLIII Logo
Super Bowl XLIII Logo

While expensive sporting event tickets are nothing new -- Super Bowl tickets last year reached over $4,000 in the resale market -- we now have this: For the first time ever Official Super Bowl tickets will reach $1,000... straight from the NFL.

The four-digit price tag is a jump from the now relatively affordable $900 charged for high end tickets at Super Bowl XLII last year. The NFL, never one to be aloof to the plight of the common man to watch the game is also offering a limited number of "cheap" tickets at only $500, a discount of $200 over last year's lowest prices.

The Full breakdown of seats and prices is below:

  • 17,000 suites and club seats - $1,000 a seat

  • 53,000 regular seats - $800 a seat

  • 1,000 regular seats at $500!

It's pretty nifty that the NFL is offering these "cheap" seats in light of shrinking 401ks and a drooping DOW, but I can't help but feel like the discount on these seats will only add to the bulge in some reseller's pocket come game day. So far there is no word on how the 1,000 budget tickets will be sold, but let's hope that it is done via a lottery of some kind that precludes winners from reselling the ticket.

While I can totally get behind the notion of paying big bucks to see one of the biggest sporting events of the year, I can't help but feel like the money would be better spent elsewhere in viewing the game. If you and a friend go to the game in Tampa after you get tickets, hotel rooms and transportation you could have easily created your own mancave to enjoy Super Bowl a home theater that rivals the local cineplex.

What am I saying? If my beloved Dolphins ever make it to the Super Bowl I'll be there in a heartbeat, especially since it may be a once in a lifetime event.