Hawaii quickly drops universal health coverage for children


I'm no fan of universal health coverage ideas. I think that they simply attempt to "make someone else pay" for you and your family's health insurance and health care needs. I know that health care and insurance can be expensive, but they're one of the facts of life.

If you're going to have a family, you owe it to them to be responsible and make sure their health care needs are covered. That means bearing your own burden for the costs, just like consumers ought to be bearing their own costs for feeding their families, putting a roof over their heads, clothing them, fixing the car, putting gas in the car, and all of life's other necessities.

So the concept of universal health care seems to encourage irresponsibility, and Hawaii offers a very quick look into how that's so. The idea is simple: If someone else is going to pay your way for you, why be responsible and pay your own way? After just seven months in existence, Hawaii is dropping it universal health coverage for children because most of the enrolled children didn't need the coverage in the first place.