Free projects to do with your kids at

finger painting
finger painting

There are a lot of sites out there that offer free activities for kids, but one that actually follows up is, which has built a small community of interested parents who do the weekly projects with their kids and then report back in after with pictures and anecdotes. So if you're looking at a weekend full of time with the kids and you want to do something different than just turn on the TV, check out this week's Unplugged Project of making goop. It's a messy project, to be sure, but the weather is still nice enough in most parts of the country to do this kind of thing outside, and what could be better for kids than getting their hands very, very dirty with homemade, colorful goop?

If you're in the need for other "unplugged" suggestions, the site has links for bookstores and toystores that fit in with the philsophy of turning off the tube and getting your hands dirty in educational play.