Give your kid's science career a boost. Send a question to the Sky Guy.


Before anyone wonders why I'm touting a science website on a personal finance website, I'll just say right off that...

1) It's free.
2) If our nation's kids don't get more interested in science, someday we're going to be living in a country that watches progress being made, instead of actually making it. And that would affect everyone's bottom line.

OK, so about this website. If you have a child who is really into science, you ought to direct them to the Sky Guy's website called, of course,

Tom Vilot is the man behind the site, an artist, a self-taught engineer and a guy who is passionate about inspiring kids to study astronomy. He also volunteers at the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, Colorado, in their K-12 outreach program.

So on his web site, which is only a few months old, the Sky Guy invites kids to send him a question about outer space, and then if he chooses the question, he'll answer with a video response on the website. And I have to think, especially if you're a young child, that getting a video reply from the Sky Guy--this guy with shaggy hair, a goatee and an engaging way of teaching--would seem pretty cool. Maybe he will have something of an impact on America's youth, if the web site catches on.

So what should you ask him? (Sorry, it must be said.) Anything -- the sky's the limit.

Geoff Williams is a freelance journalist and author who still hasn't gotten over the idea that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.