Take this tuna jingle and run with it

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Here's a great opportunity for all you would-be indie film producers to gain some exposure, and possibly help a local food pantry at the same time. Chicken of the Sea is is running a video jingle contest which promises the winner a trip to Hollywood, and a truckload of the company's products for the winner's local Feeding America food bank.

Chicken of the Sea's, Mermaid Jingle Jam contest , works like this: First you go to the jingle contest website to register. Entering your zip code will assign you an affiliated food bank. Then you produce your video, which must include the original Chicken of the Sea jingle lyrics plus a new jingle verse which you create. You don't have to use the original jingle tune, but you must utilize the company's key themes in your own original video. Key themes can be found at the contest website. Entrants are allowed to make up to three submissions. Each submission must be an original production, and each will require a separate contest entry registration.

So, grab your video camera and show us your stuff. Simply looking at the company's contest rules and key themes will provide you with lots of good ideas. You'll be having some fun, gaining some exposure, and you might add a lot of really good food to your local nutrition efforts. In addition, the winner will receive a first class prize package, in the form of a behind the scenes tour of Universal Studios and a two-night stay in Hollywood. The entry submission period will close November 7, 2008 at midnight PST.