Gordon Gekko returns...Wait! Did he ever really leave?


According to various sources, Fox is currently working on producing a sequel to Wall Street, Oliver Stone's 1987 opus about corporate greed. While Charlie Sheen will probably not be back for a second round, Michael Douglas has already expressed interest in reprising his role as Gordon Gekko, the morally bankrupt "Master of the Universe" who perfectly captured the profit-at-all-costs ethos of Ronald Reagan's second term. Tentatively titled Money Never Sleeps, the film will feature Gekko's return to the world of big business following his release from jail.

Some critics have argued that Gekko, while the perfect poster boy for 1980's greed, doesn't really fit the mold of 2008 greed. After all, Gekko (and his real-life inspiration, Ivan Boesky) used inside information to attack weak companies, which he subsequently bought out, chopped up, and sold piecemeal.

The current crop of Wall street baddies, on the other hand, bought up tons of cruddy mortgages, combined them into cruddy financial instruments, and repackaged these chopped-and-pressed agglomerations as AAA securities. Clearly, comparing Gordon Gekko to Dick Fuld is like comparing apples and...well, other apples. Maybe it's like Granny Smiths and Mackintoshes.