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For sale signs
For sale signs

Last month I took a look at ways to sell your home on the internet, as well as a Realtor's take on going the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route. It was all part of my quest to make an informed decision.

After these stories ran I was contacted by, one of the services I looked at in the FSBO website showdown. I was able to speak with Eric Mangan and Greg Healy to get a better understanding of a typical for-sale-by-owner transaction, as well as greater trends in the sell-your-own arena.

Since price seems to be most important in this buyer's market, I asked Greg how the commonly held idea that consumers don't know how to accurately price their homes fits into the option of going the FSBO route. Greg explained that while the issue of home valuation was a valid concern in the late 80's and even mid 90's, the Internet and open flow of data has enabled consumers to get the same pricing data a Realtor would use for determining a valuation.