The top ten things about having grandma and grandpa move in with the family

Now that the larger dimensions of the Wall Street apocalypse are emerging, some things are coming into focus. For example, over the next few months, thrift is going to become the new black, the job title "party planner" is going to be replaced by the job title "french fry technician," and your parents might start talking about the need for greater family togetherness. As you find yourself coming to terms with lowered expectations and a more crowded house, it could be worthwhile to consider the bright side of having mom and pop take over the guest bedroom:

1. Remember all the smartass comments your parents laid on you when you moved back in after college? Well, it's time to dust them off!

2. Admit it: you were starting to miss the dulcet tones of James Taylor.

3. No need to buy season three of The Waltons on DVD. You're going to be living it.

4. You think your kids are hard to deal with now? Just wait until your parents start referring to you as "the man" and teaching the young 'uns about civil disobedience. It'll be like 1968 all over again!

5. Meatloaf night!

6. You remember when your parents told you it was time for "light's out?" How about when you used to have fights over the thermostat and TV remote control? Payback time!

7. Regardless of whether your dad served in Vietnam or your mom was a member of SDS, chances are that they picked up some basic knowledge of improvised explosives. This should come in handy when the neighbors begin prowling around in search of food. Extra points if your dad is William Ayers.

8. Free babysitting. Just be sure to hide the bong.

9. Ever wonder what it would be like when your decorating tastes combined with your parents'? Well, helloo tie-dyed table linens!

10. You know that awful collection of gnome statues that your neighbor put on her front yard last year? Wait till she gets a load of your "VW Microbus lawn jockey"!

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. His apartment doesn't have a guest room.
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