Most Played This Week- October 10th


On the strength of being promoted on one of our all-time best sellers has returned to to most played games - Hidden Expedition: Titanic. Hidden Expedition is a hidden object game where you search under the sea the wreckage of the Titanic for lost treasure. Great game and one of the best games of the last few years!

Click on the links below to play:
#1 Poker: WSOP Texas Hold'em (No Limit)
#2 Hidden Expedition: Titanic
#3 Solitaire: Classic
#4 Azkend
#5 Slots Lounge
#6 Fishdom
#7 Video Poker
#8 Bejeweled 2
#9 Bingo
#10 Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery
#11 Gin Rummy