'Hot Dozen' toy list from Toy Wishes sets up Black Friday and holiday shopping


If you're wondering what the kids are going to be asking for this holiday season, you can get a preview on what will be tops on many wish lists with the "Hot Dozen" list from Toy Wishes Magazine. The list won't save you any money -- the cheapest item is a $12.99 set of Bakugan Battle Brawlers and the most expensive a $300 ride on triceratops -- but it will help you navigate what will be a frenzied toy market out there this year.

Wal-mart and KB Toys are already in something of a price war, trimming prices on key toys well before the holiday season really starts. Toys R Us, whose PR team contacted us about our Black Friday forecast thinking it was too gloomy, is still, however, optimistic about its prospects this year.

However it turns out, shoppers will certainly buy a lot of toys this year -- they do every year -- the only question is whether or not they spend enough overall to satisfy retailers and economic forecasters.

Toy Wishes Hot Dozen