Could the time be right for $35 movie tickets


With most Americans cutting back on staples right now, not to mention luxuries, you'd think a business plan that relies on people shelling out $35 to watch a movie would be doomed to failure. That's the plan of Gold Class Cinemas, which is rolling out its first concept theater in South Barrington, IL and charging $35 for a luxurious night of escapism that includes the show, valet parking, a blanket and slippers in the price of admission -- the gourmet dinner that is available is a separate charge.

Most blogs are mocking this idea, thinking that this is just the wrong economic climate to start a business like this, and especially gloomy about the prospect that Gold Glass will be able to open 50 such deluxe locations eventually. But now might just be the right time to do something like this. The $35 entitles the ticketholder to an exclusive and relaxing escape -- there are only 40 seats in the theater and there are likely to be few children invited. While the popping of a cork of Dom Perignon champagne might be distracting, the duck tacos and blue cheese potato chips might be worth the extra price, considering mere popcorn costs a small fortune these days.

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