Blackberry 7100, $99.99, J&

The Daily Deal for Saturday, October 4, 2008

My sweet husband has a problem with phones. Specifically, he loses them. He's lost his Blackberry and I've been tiring of paying the monthly fee for his account on the 'friends and family' plan, without having the benefit of being able to actually CALL HIM.

Perhaps we can remedy that without having to pay the rather large cost AT&T would charge us for replacing his equipment in less than 22 months. J& has the refurbished Blackberry 7100 on its Weekend Sale for only $99.99; $17 less than's deal and $80 less than the regular discounted price (the list price is $349.99, but we all know no one pays retail for these things). The phone is unlocked, so you can use it on any cellular plan. This Blackberry utilizes the "SureType" keypad; I haven't used it but, according to RIM, it's the best evah.