The tallies are starting to roll in on our Black Friday 2008 Scorecard

wal-martEvery year around this time, our thoughts turn to holiday shopping as deals for Black Friday start to get leaked out to the press. The economy has made the discounting start earlier and earlier every year, and the Internet has made it possible for the scoops to come out instantaneously. So if you want to fill your shopping cart with the lowest priced items possible, you better start making your lists early, and we're here to help.

You can keep up to date throughout the Black Friday shopping season for deals with our handy scorecard. Just keep checking back for updates and new deals, and click through for all the latest information.

For more Black Friday deals, see our Black Friday 2008 Scorecard feature, and keep up with all the latest updates at our Black Friday section.Store Name: Walmart
Status: Tough economic times are boom times for the discounter
What's likely to be on sale: Everything. The retailer will be cutting prices early and often this season -- like announcing a $10 toy deal at the start of October -- to try to get the scoop on everyone and keep its #1 position. Expect laptops in the $299 range, popular video games for $10 and toys for practically nothing.
Prediction: Walmart will win in holiday sales, but extra-deep discounting will hurt the bottom line.

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Store Name: Ace Hardware
Status of company: Trying to compete with Lowe's and Home Depot for recession DIYers
What's likely to be on sale: Tools, tools, tools. Some of Ace's deals have already been leaked and show that accessories are also key this year -- like toolboxes. Expect to see doorbuster deals on power tools and many other practical items for around the house.
Prediction: Ace will be facing stiff competition this year as the big box chains worry about the bottom line, so expect better-than-usual deals.

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Store Name: Target
Status of company: Doing well, but still falling behind Walmart
What's likely to be on sale: Target will continue to draw in customers with low prices on apparel, DVDs (including TV box sets) as well as toys and videogames. The chain will have a few deals on electronics, but the bulk of their low-priced items will be on low-cost items for holiday shopping.
Prediction: Look for Target to go low as it senses wallets tightening even more in its core demographic.

Store Name: Kmart
Status of company: Struggling and playing major catch-up
What's likely to be on sale: Traditionally Kmart has used Black Friday to move kid's clothes and those prepackaged Christmas gifts you end up buying on the way to a gift exchange you forgot about, so expect extra discounts like last year's 10% off all apparel. If the past is any indicator, shoppers can expect to see great deals on board games -- buy one, get one -- and other toys. And cheap, cheap electronics.
Prediction: Kmart will likely draw in a crowd with a careful selection of low-priced loss leaders.

Store Name: Toys R Us
Status of company: Facing a poor outlook in toy sales this fall
What's likely to be on sale: Young kid's toys and video games will dominate the ads this fall. Also look for Toys R Us to be pushing lead-free and U.S.-made toys. There will definitely be rock bottom prices to aim for consumer's shrinking disposable income.
Prediction: Many BOGO and B2G1 sales will bring in shoppers with young children at home who still expect Santa to shower them with presents.

Store Name: Amazon
Status of company: Riding high on digital sales and low prices Amazon is set up to offer great prices this Fall
What's likely to be on sale: Dan de Grandpre from predicts that consumers will see amazing prices on home and garden items as well as tools and hardware. Due to moves Amazon took last year he wouldn't be surprised to see them beat other retailers prices in the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday.
Prediction: Amazon will use free or cheap shipping and discounts across the board to come out on top of online retailers this Black Friday.

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Store Name: Best Buy
Status of company: Even when the economy is doing poor, consumers still want their gadgets
What's likely to be on sale: HDTVs, laptops, picture frames and GPS. Expect to see extra long lines at Best Buy this year as many first-time Black Friday shoppers looking for new TVs in response to the digital switchover. Dan de Grandpre from predicts that shoppers will find very aggressive pricing on laptops and Blu-Ray players as well as Insignia and Westinghouse HDTVs.
Prediction: Lines stretched around the block will bring in record sales for the electronics giant.

Store Name: Circuit City
Status of company: Under new leadership, Circuit City will be counting on Black Friday to bring in a profitable quarter.
What's likely to be on sale: Home theater, games and cameras. Like Best Buy, Circuit City will be looking to lure in customers who are upgrading to their first HDTV. Don't be surprised if Circuit City also offers crazy deals for a quality 7.1 surround sound home theater in a box system below $200! Dan de Grandpre from expects similar laptops deals as well as "wicked" HD TV deals from Circuit City.
Prediction: Circuit City may do well this year by being a one-stop Black Friday shop.

Store Name: Staples
Status of company: Weak in the last quarter as consumers restrict spending
What's likely to be on sale: Routers, memory of all kinds and software. Dan de Grandpre from expects to see low prices on both digital picture frames and portable DVD due to the chain's numerous rebates.
Prediction: If the back-to-school drive is any indication, outrageous doorbusters will drive traffic and sales, but low prices may not help the financial outlook.

Store Name: Office Depot
Status of company: A new credit deal may give the chain deep pockets to offer great deals
What's likely to be on sale: Consumer technology. Office Depot will come out swinging this year with a $300 laptop and low priced cameras. The Black Friday ad will also likely feature Bluetooth deals and super-cheap media. Dan de Grandpre from recommends that shoppers check online for Office Depot's deals before heading out to the lines since Office Depot will likely offer free shipping with no minimums.
Prediction: Office Depot will look to online sales and free shipping to wow shoppers this year!

Store Name: JC Penney
Status of company: Sales were plunging even before a weak back-to-school season
What's likely to be on sale: As in the recent past, JC Penney will be cutting prices on clothing for the entire family, but will be gunning especially for the teen audience -- at least as shopped for by moms and dads buying presents (while the teens themselves seem only to be heading to Aeropostale).
Prediction: Doorbusters, like the 88-cent items offered this fall, may do better than any new "fashion" lines that the store adds.

Store Name: Kohl's
Status of company: Kohl's is down but not as down as some (like Penney's, which was down 38%)
What's likely to be on sale: Kohl's will be heavily discounting apparel but should also be counted on to provide a large selection of boxed gift items for family and friends. Many of Kohl's best deals will go quick so be sure to get there for the doorbusters. Also expect a celebrity-friendly marketing campaign that will try to lure in youngsters.
Prediction: Kohl's will be cutting prices on loss-leaders to fill up the store with excited customers in order to boost overall sales.

Store Name: Sears
Status of company: Struggling the most (down 62% last quarter) and trying to stay out of bankruptcy
What's likely to be on sale: Sears will offer alluring prices on clothing and their Craftsman line of tools to bring in shoppers early in the day. Expect in store sales to be complimented with several online only deals! And keep a watch out for competitive prices on big-ticket items and home electronics, which may end up besting Best Buy and Circuit City.
Prediction: With price guarantees and 0% financing Sears will be a busy store on Black Friday

Store Name: Old Navy
Status of company: Struggling even as consumers head for low-cost brands, down 9% at last check
What's likely to be on sale: Old Navy typically offers up fewer items than most Black Friday retailers but that the deals will still be plentiful on cold weather clothing. Online discounts may be the best bet, as the parent company just merged all of its brands onto one shopping site.
Prediction: Old Navy will draw crowds but it's not likely the deals will inspire long lines.

Store Name: Home Depot
Status of company: Trying to rebound after summer store closings.
What's likely to be on sale: Christmas decorations and tools. Home Depot will try to lure in economically-stressed homeowners who want to fix up their places on a budget, but may have a hard time doing that because home equity loans are tight and consumers don't have a lot of budget even for DIY projects.
Prediction: Home Depot will do best with small-ticket items and household staples, but will not lift its outlook significantly.
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