Sell your home one ticket at a time!

raffle tickets
raffle tickets

While the real estate market goes soft in many areas and more and more Americans become two mortgage families it's no surprise that some sellers are looking for gimmicks to get their home off the market. The New York Times reports that some homeowners are shifting their attention from one buyer to thousands as they raffle off their homes. One couple who recently raffled off their home $100 at a time sold over 6,500 tickets and raised $200,000 more than their home was worth, which was donated to a local charity.

In case you're wondering what motivated the couple above to give away $200,000 after trying to sell their house for so long, a look at the restrictions on gambling in your state should clear this up. In most states you cannot raffle off real estate or land without a nonprofit partner and in New York you can't raffle a house at all so keep that in mind before you run out and stock up on raffle tickets.