Financial crisis? What about when we run out of water?


In the last week or two, what politicians and the media have been discussing is a step way above what we were consumed with a few weeks ago, when everyone was talking about lipstick on pigs and whose campaign was slimier than the other.

Today the one thing on everyone's lips is the credit crunch, and Wall Street and how if we keep spending what we don't have, we're resigned to financial doom.


No, but seriously, while it should be debated and discussed, we do have some other problems that will hurt our pocketbooks and way of life sooner rather than later. They just rarely get discussed much anymore.

So I just thought I'd throw some other thoughts out there in case anyone wants to start a dialogue with, say, their brother-in-law in Congress. Or if your best friend is Oprah or one of the ladies on The View, and you think they might want to take up a crusade...