Big box o' horror: 50 terror classics for $24.47 -- 30% off!


The Daily Deal for Thursday, October 2

is: A box of 50 horror classics on DVD.

Just in time for Halloween, what could be better than your own big box o' horror? Who cares if you've not been invited to a Halloween party or if you're too old to Trick or Treat? You can stay in all weekend and scare yourself to death.

This box of 50 horror classics comes in a 12-DVD disc set (region 0, full-frame, English language).

Features include an early career appearance by Jack Nicholson, in the 1963 thriller "The Terror," in which Nicholson plays Lt. Andre Duvalier. Other camp terror favorites include "Attack of the Giant Leaches," and "Atom Age Vampire." Several of these classics feature horror starts Bella Lugosi and Vincent Price.

"Night of the Living Dead," vampire classic (still the scariest) "Nosferatu" and the original "Phantom of the Opera."

With the horrific price of only $24.47 (30% off retail), this Horror Classics pack is well worth the price of staying locked indoors all night. Claw your way to this one while supplies last.

And whatever you do, don't go into the basement...