National Pet Peeve Week starts on Saturday


Next week (October 5th-11th) the nation celebrates Pet Peeve Week, a week devoted to snarky diatribes. Unload your burden, friends – what financial pet peeves have you been harboring for the last year? You'll feel a whole lot better by venting, and we won't tell anyone. Promise.

I'll go first. Among the many peeves (and I'm a very peevish person) I've been carrying are-

  • Four-way stop intersections. I only have a finite number of years on this Earth, and why should I waste them (and brake pads and gasoline) coming to a stop in the countryside when roundabouts work so much better?

  • Credit cards with a 28 day (or less) billing cycle. I want to pay my bills once a month, which is just what the credit card companies want, so that they can stick me with an obscene late charge twice a year.

  • Drunk drivers, who drive up the insurance costs for us all.

  • People that respond to phone sales or door-to-door sales pitches. Stop it! If you don't feed the fish, they'll stop coming around.

  • Businesses that post sale signs on stakes at freeway exits and other public land. Our byways were not built so you could trash them up to sell your overpriced mattresses and hot tubs, jerks.

  • The money the government squandered in sending me a letter telling me I would be receiving an economic stimulus check. Like I didn't know that already. What next? A letter informing me that I have now received my check?

  • Restaurants that have a 'value' menu. First of all, value is a scale of measurement, not a measurement; do they mean a good value? Bad value? And what does this say about the rest of their menu?

  • Utilities (I'm looking at you, AEP) that suggest that its unreadiness to deal with a predictable circumstance is a cost that its customers should pay.

What are your financial pet peeves?