Kids and teeth: the Tooth Fairy goes online


My oldest daughter stepped off the school bus yesterday and happily informed me that the Tooth Fairy would be making a visit.

It's the fifth such visit the Tooth Fairy has made to our house in the last year, and I'm constantly trying to figure out the going rate for a lost tooth these days.

The first time my daughter lost a tooth, I know my wife and I were about as excited as she was. I think we gave her something like $7.86, which is probably $7 more than I received when I was a kid. Since then, it's kind of gone up and down, usually around $5. For this last one, maybe due to all of the tough financial goings-on in the news, my wife slipped $2 under my daughter's pillow. "What can you buy with $2?" asked my six-year-old. "Can you buy a Junie B. Jones book?"