Seven easy ways to save $100 a week


If you've been living on Easy S

treet for awhile, with few financial concerns until the recent downturns, then Famoosh Torabi's article, "7 Easy Ways to Save $100 a week" is well worth reading. I'll forward it along to my older son, who is just out of college and could be holding onto a lot more of his paycheck. He's pretty much heard it all before from me, but then he's somewhat "mother-deaf."

For the rest of us, not new to watching our dollars, I'd be interested to hear whether any of the seven ideas are new to you. Torabi's suggestions include limiting visits to the ATM, drinking at home instead of in restaurants or bars, self-manicures and pedicures, using the library.

Maybe I'm cranky today. I've been "cutting back" for a long time. So I don't agree when Torabi suggests that when using your debit card at whole Foods, you can get cash back without paying a fee. What's wrong with that suggestion? If you're trying to cut costs, you probably won't be doing a lot of your shopping at Whole Foods -- except perhaps for its store brand.