New company spraypainting lawns to boost curb appeal

green grassChalk this up as another opportunity for self employment created by the current housing meltdown. An entrepreneurial spirit in Stockton California started the Greener Grass Company, which for the right price will spraypaint your lawn a lushious green in order to increase the home's curb appeal. Nick Terlouw uses a converted insecticide sprayer and a water based dye to transform lawns from lame to lush in just a matter of hours.

While he is in his first year of operating he's already found a niche spraypainting the front lawns of higher end foreclosed homes for real estate agents who are ready to do anything to get a home to sell. While the banks aren't footing the bill for the service like they have for those offered by "board up" men, Nick sees a bright green future ahead as foreclosures and dry spells don't appear to be on the way out.
It turns out that real estate agents aren't the only ones who appreciate the lawn makeover; neighbors are getting excited about their neighborhood as a whole looking more inviting. One of the only issues with the dye that lasts 3-4 months is that it often makes the yard look "too good", standing out as a little too green. Still it seems the downside to spraypainting even inspires more business with one onlooker thinking of ordering the treatment for his daughter's lawn.

I continue to be inspired by the innovative ways that some individuals are earning extra money and starting businesses while the economy is in the crapper. While congress has been busily working on a bailout for Wall Street it seems that many of us on Main Street have taken to creating our own bailout!

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