My retirement company sent me an encouragement card today

encouragement card
encouragement card

Much like you or I would send a card of support to a friend in troubled times the CEO of the company who holds my retirement account took a minute this week to send me and my fellow policyholders a few words of encouragement during these shaky times. Even though it seemed odd to get a note that essentially says, "This too shall pass," from a major corporation, it gave me a little peace of mind to know they haven't forgot whose money they have.

The gist of the email was to brag about its "sound decision making" and avoidance of subprime securities, and how these actions have allowed it to remain strong and safe during this turmoil. Normally a company flaunting its good choices in such a blatant manner would have turned me off, but this email made me want to drive over the headquarters and give every employee a hearty slap on the back! These actions were even more impressive by the fact that other institutions did not express the same concern for our money.

On top of the reassurances and self congratulatory words they also offered to help me make the right financial decisions. To do this, the company has offered its employees free personalized advice on how to best allocated their funds, depending on their life stage. Even though I am a ways off from retirement I think I just might take them up on this offer. In the end, I'm glad they took the time to let me know that I won't see them on the news next week, as the next company to be taken over!