Cadbury recalls chocolates with same poison as pet food

If we learned nothing from poisoned pets, will anything positive come of the latest Chinese tainted food scare, which has already killed four babies, sickened 54,000? The latest to fall is the iconic, delightful Cadbury chocolate bar. Cadbury announced today that it's recalling chocolates made in China because tests show they contain melamine, a component of anti-freeze.

USAToday reports that the candy made in China was to be sold in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. Cadbury emphasized to the BBC that only the chocolates made in Beijing and sold in those countries were tainted.

So that means it probably doesn't impact your Cadbury Dairy Milk at your local Walgreen's. This time. But for me at least having the possibility that my beloved Cadbury bar poisoned was especially scary. Even if the ones sold here don't have the bad ingredient, I would guess that's more a product of shipping arrangements than more care.

Indian news reports say trusted American brands sold in Indonesia, such as Kraft Food's Oreo biscuits and Mars' M&Ms and Snickers, already turned up with the chemical, which producers add to make it seem like the product has more protein. In the U.S. only a few products have been recalled so far because of their Chinese dairy content. The threat is bigger in Europe.

Melamine is the same chemical that turned up in pet food last year, sending dog owners into a panic. Afterwards we all said we would consider where are products came from. The global supply chain suddenly looked scary and unknowable. For all that, the New York Times reports that China hasn't done much to protect its own and the world's food supply. The only good thing that can come out of a sickening situation like this is if it prevents a bigger tragedy down the line. Maybe the pets dying helped scientists solve this mystery sooner. I just hope all the misery people are going through in Asia now leads to something better.
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