Fantastic Freebies: Champion pumpkin seeds


Is your family crazy for pumpkins? Walking around my neighborhood, it seems this year that everyone decided to bring the pumpkin patch to their own front yard; I'm wondering the intelligence of trekking 25 miles to the traditional pumpkin farm, complete with hay ride, when I could just grab the wagon and walk two blocks to the huge patch at the new neighborhood eco-village. Next year: I want to plant a patch of my own.

That's why I'm taking champion pumpkin farmer Brian Christiansen -- "the surgeon that grows giant pumpkins" -- up on his offer of free seeds. He's generously offering to dry seeds from his enormous, prize-winning pumpkins and send them to you. All you have to do is mail him a self-addressed, stamped bubble pack (a SASBP). He doesn't expect anything in return, though you're welcome to trade him for seeds you have kept. But please include a note. Tell him WalletPop sent you, and that you want to bring the pumpkin patch to your neighborhood.

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