ShopSavvy brings smart shopping to T-Mobile's G1

T-Mobile G1The tech news sites have been aflutter with details for the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to run Google's mobile operating system -- dubbed "Android". The phone packs loads of features and looks like it will give the iPhone a run for its money, especially if all applications are as useful as ShopSavvy, which was chosen as one of the 10 winners of the Google Challenge, and which will be offered for free when the G1 launches.

I haven't had a chance to use the ShopSavvy application yet, but after watching the demo, which is embedded below, I'm ready to get a G1 today! This little program looks to do more on your phone than most full-fledged price comparison sites. Checking the price is as easy as scanning the product's barcode with the built-in camera. From there you can see local and web prices as well as set a price alert in case you're waiting for the product to fit your budget. If you plan to buy the item in a local store, as determined by GPS, ShopSavvy enables you to map their location or give them a call.

If the price is cheaper online, you can email yourself the link or visit the product page right from your phone. Speaking of online features; you can even create your own wish lists just by scanning the items with the camera. I wish we would have been able to use this feature when we were building our wedding registry a few years back. The fact that ShopSavvy helps you avoid clunky in-store systems plagued with downtime all while publishing the items to the web for guests to buy wherever is freakin' genius!

Another cool feature which is sure to please those of us who enjoy games, movies, books and music is that ShopSavvy will also connect you with reviews for whatever item you are looking at. You can even sort by satisfaction level to make sure you take in all ranges of opinions. If this had been around a decade ago I could have avoided purchasing MMMbop, saving myself both money and embarrassment!

In all seriousness this is a cool app which no G1 owner should be without especially since it's free. I am hoping the UPC database is deep enough that it will let users find the price for everyday items like a box of cereal so that they don't have to waste time finding a store scanner. Best of all since it's free to users of T-Mobile's G1 you'll start saving instantly. The G1 is available for $179 with a two year contract and $399 without!

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