Wanna earn more money? Be sexist!


Even though some may try to deny or ignore it, everyone knows there is a gender wage gap. Men typically earn more than women in the same professions. A new study has found an interesting twist on this trend. Not only do men earn more money, but sexist men earn even more.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, men who hold traditional views on gender roles earn much more -- an average of nearly $12,000 per year more -- than their more progressive male counterparts. Women with traditional views on gender roles will make approximately $1,000 per year less than modern, egalitarian women.

What accounts for this difference? Timothy Judge, co-author of the study, suggests that these views might play themselves out in wage negotiations. Men who view themselves as the primary wage earners will fight for higher salaries, while women who eschew such opinions will value their own work more as well. The study, which included 25 years' worth of data collection, also found that men and women become more egalitarian over time, and that the gender wage gap would be much smaller on the whole if everyone held egalitarian views.

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