Rich Fields, come on down! Identity theft hits a demi-celebrity

According to a recent report on TMZ, Rich Fields, the voice of television's The Price Is Right, was recently the victim of identity theft. He has, apparently, lost $71,000 and his accounts are frozen. When I heard this, I was struck with a few major questions:

"So that announcer guy is named Rich Fields?"

"Since when does TMZ cover sub-celebrities?""How low on the celebrity totem pole do you have to be before TMZ draws the cutoff? I mean, would they cover Tom Cruise's stand-in? How about Gary Coleman's personal chef?"

"I wonder how Don Pardo is doing these days."

Most of all, though, I was really hit with a wave of pity for Fields. Earlier this year, my wife was the victim of identity theft; it was an amazingly miserable experience. Ultimately, we only lost about $70 dollars, but it was no fun having our savings wiped out, having to set up a new bank account, and generally feeling like massive victims. On the other hand, if it can happen to Rich Fields, I guess it can happen to anybody. Thank God for our guy at Chase bank!

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. Between Fields' robbery and the recent death of Don LaFontaine, he's starting to wonder if somebody's targeting voice over guys. Luckily, Bruce's voice is kind of nasal, so he's probably safe.
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