Another coupon site tries to save your wallet from certain doom


For those who still have money to spend during these perilous economic times, if you haven't heard of, I'm sure you'll be glad to bookmark them.

I'm constantly stunned by how many coupon web sites there are out there. I'd say it's a product of these financially-challenged times but a lot of these coupon-saving web sites have been around for a number of years. has been in existence since 2000. In any case, specializes in coupon codes. It doesn't advertise sales or have coupons to print out and take to a store -- It's solely in the current code business. You know what I mean. You're at, say, Barnes & making a purchase, and they'll say, "coupon code," and you'll either have it and say, "Ah, I beat the system," or "What the Dickens is a coupon code?"

(I don't normally use "Dickens" as a curse word, but my grandmother could be reading this.)