Jump on the bailout bandwagon with Buymys***pile.com


With $1 trillion dollars, give or take a small nation's-worth or two, of largess about to be borrowed from your great-great-grandchildren to bail out the bad boys of Wall Street, why not get in line for a piece of the pie for yourself? After all, there may soon be little left in the nation's coffers but shiny new Lincoln pennies and some AIG stocks/toilet paper.

This is the notion behind the web site buymysh**pile.com, a site where you can register your own bad assets and their loss in value in hopes Santa Bush and his elves in Washington might see fit to bail you out, too. The site currently claims to have $202,96,543,808.19 in fund requests.

I'm looking over my sub prime holdings, and I'm thinking of asking for money to cover the decline in value of my bread-maker, VCR, and non-digital television, as well as the art history courses I took and the velour suit with bell-bottom trousers that I wore at my wedding. I figure $1,000,000 ought to cover it. And my cats aren't quite as sprightly as they once were...

Thanks to Boing Boing