Fantastic Freebies: Pork Chops Pocket Guide to Pork

porkchops on the grill
porkchops on the grill

The good folks behind the other white meat want to make sure that you know exactly how to prepare a pork chop for any occasion. So they've thoughtfully compiled a free booklet called, "Pork Chops Pocket Guide to Pork" to help you out. this handy guide will help you please and feed a hungry family, with several selections to whet any appetite, in addition to giving some great primers for cooking pork.

Even those of us who spend a good deal of time in the kitchen should be able to pick up a new method of preparing pork in this free booklet. I already checked out the numerous cooking methods for prepping a porky delight and I can't wait to try braising a pork chop rather than grilling them which is my go to method!

Unlike most freebies you don't need to wait around to enjoy your spoils, in this case you don't even have to hand over an email address (if you are fine with a PDF), something many of you will enjoy! If you prefer a hard copy, just fill out the form and the Pork Board will ship you off an excellent guide to cooking pork chops for the low low price of free!