Charity begins with shoebox gifts from the dollar store


Got any Christmas catalogs in the mail yet? Dollar Tree Direct is getting ready for charity gift giving with their TreeBox Giving campaign. If your church or other organization participates in the annual Operation Christmas Child program that sends shoe box gifts to needy kids in other countries, then you're already familiar with the idea of filling a plastic shoe box with necessities like socks and toothbrushes and goodies like toys and candy. Dollar Tree is suggesting that you can take this idea further by preparing shoe box gifts for needy kids right here at home, sending a soldier a care package or filling shoe boxes with personal care items for the homeless or to give to women's shelters. I especially like their suggestion of disaster relief boxes for those families struggling to clean up after a flood or other natural calamity but you're gonna need a bigger box for that one. Check out Dollar Tree Direct's website for suggestions on what to include in each shoe box. The link is to the right of the picture at the top of the page. If your organization is planning a large order through Dollar Tree Direct with regards to the TreeBox Giving program, they are offering to work with you to coordinate the order and delivery. Nice.

If you're doing a few of these gift boxes for delivery to people or places in your immediate area, you don't necessary have to restrict the number of items in it to those that will fit with the lid on. If you're selections spill over the top a little, just do it up like a gift basket with cellophane wrap.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes home decorating tips and ideas using only items found at the dollar store.