Overrated: Showering with a sweetie a sudsy mess


Showering with a sweetie may sound romantic to you...but all I can think about is standing in the cold. While I admit that I have limited experience with this activity, any occasion that I have showered with a friend has been a disaster.

There is no way that both people can adequately get submerged under the shower head to stay warm. In a standard shower, standing side to side is impossible, so one person must stand partially out of the spray to make room. Shivering while I watch my partner enjoy the warm water leaves my heart cold.

Lathering can also present significant issues. Do you lather each other? Most of us have a soaping ritual that we like to follow and it is doubtful whether a partner can do it right. Are one of you taller than the other? Be prepared for soap to fly in your just rinsed hair, your ears and eyes. Do you use the same products? You may be slipping on soap scum while you attempt to retrieve your bottle of expensive shampoo.

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And let's not forget water temperature. Just as spouses argue about the correct temperature for a thermostat, we all have strong beliefs what the correct water temperature should be.