Overrated: Too Many Blogs, Too Little Time...


Okay, call me crazy, but I'm sooooo over blogs and blogging.

The blogosphere is choking on itself. Blogoreah is the result of well over 100 million blogs out there in the vast cyber wasteland. With new blogs being created about every three minutes and mainstream publishers putting out their own blogs, aren't we just about finished riding this wave? Who has time to write and maintain a blog? But more importantly, who has time to read and comment on blogs?

Enough already...

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There are blogs about popcorn, trash, orchids, cereal, toddlers, poetry and virtually any topic that comprises the daily arcana of life. Call them diaries and call the writers diarists or documentarians of the obscure. And well, who cares? Some blogs are started in a sudden and great burst of energy and sink into the abyss just as quickly, untended. Everyone's a writer, i.e, blogger. Everyone's a publisher.

But others, created and tended by big publishers like this here one called WalletPop, are considered a staple of online publishing, a source of advertising revenue and reader loyalty. Self-made blog stars can go up against the mainstream publishers or be acquired. Hint: It's all about the page views and rankings.

Blogs are just content in a different form, albeit a much more casual and topical form, where creators can interact directly and instantaneously with readers. They create conversations.

Ok. Ok.

If everyone's doing it, it must be ok. But if everyone's zigging, why not zag?

Blogs... they're overrated. They take up too much of people's leisure time that could be spent offline interacting in person. What do you think?