Cheap eats: More great grocery deals from the dollar store


All God's children gotta eat, so I headed back to my local dollar store in search of more good food deals to compare with an area supermarket's prices. Please check prices in your neighborhood. I've never caught my dollar store selling stale cookies or otherwise out-of-date food, but always check expiry dates anyway before heading to the cash register.

1. A regular sized bag of Dare Maple Leaf cookies sells for $2.99 at the grocery store. Instead, try Manning Cookie Shop maple leaf creme cookies. The 11-.oz package is only a buck at the dollar store, saving you $1.99 at the check-out.

2. The grocery store sells Added Touch cake or brownie mixes for $1.59. Save 59 cents by buying Loretta Rich 'n Moist Cake or Fudge Brownie mixes for $1. Save 59 cents on each 18.48 oz. box.