Overrated: Celebrity parents

Note: This post was intended for WalletPop's Overrated series, but I was too busy with my kids' back-to-school schedule to get to it in a timely manner.

Isn't it wonderful? When a beautiful starlet has a baby and discovers the many joys of motherhood? It's just, like, totally the most amazing thing she's ever experienced. And becoming a mom has been, like, the most important things she's ever done, even better than her last award-winning movie. It's just super-special the way she was able to lose all that baby weight so quickly. She's handling new motherhood with grace and ease, just like we knew she would. We should all try to be more like her.

Stand back while I scream like a three-year-old.

Celebrity parents sell magazines. Their stories and pictures get boffo click-thru on the web, and the books their ghostwriters pen about their parenting experiences make the best-seller lists. I know why the public allegedly can't get enough of them and still I say they're hugely overrated.

Why? Because parenthood can be fun and easy, especially when you have other people doing it for you.Other people like night nurses, who you hire to stay up all night for those night-feedings so you don't have to exhaust yourself walking a wailing infant during the wee hours. Like a nanny, or three: Trained, educated, energetic young women who change the diapers and wipe the snotty noses and soothe your teething infant when you're no longer in the mood to listen to the whining. No problem finding the time to work out and get back into shape after you pop out those kids: Your assistant or your nanny will be there to handle them when you run off to work with your personal trainer and nutritionist.

The best private schools. Drivers to chauffeur your precious little ones to all extra-curricular classes and camps. Stylists to make sure you don't look like an actual mom when you go out.

You think regular moms want to look like slobs? We're just in uniform, people: ready for all spit ups and spills. If somebody else took care of all that, we'd be in the $600 silk pants, too. I mean, if we made millions for our films and books, like celebrity parents do.

You really think Jessica Seinfeld, whose husband Jerry is on Forbes' Celebrity 100 list, actually cooks those complicated dishes that hide the veggies so kids don't realize they're eating them, as was the topic of her best-selling cookbook? Please. She has a kitchen staff. And a personal chef. And an organic gardener, AND a nanny who probably does the messy job of actually feeding her children. And she has a team of maids to clean up the mess afterwards. Yeah. Just a regular mom like the rest of us.

And still America tunes in to be inspired by these brave souls.

So please. Next time People Magazine is wasting ink on the amazing motherhood tips of Jamie Lynn Spears or Jenny McCarthy, please stop to consider the vastly different parenting experience they're having from what the rest of us do. Me? I prefer my inspiration to come from real moms in the trenches. How about you? Who are the parents who inspire you?
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