Save coupons and get cash back


Back in July, I wrote a post about, an online web site that specializes in online coupons. It has something new now, which I'm kind of excited to tell some readers about because every once in awhile someone will ask in the comment section about running a home-based business, and I rarely know what to say. After all, there are a lot of ways to make money in a home-based business, and a lot of ways to lose your shirt.

CouponChief has a program in which people can make some decent money. I'm not saying you can live off this, but if you're looking for part-time income without leaving your home, there may be something to this.

It has a new, two-week-old (so far) Pays-2-Share program, where people can upload coupons at, and every time someone uses a coupon that you've uploaded, you get 2% of the entire sale.

It's a clever way of hiring employees without actually hiring them and having to pay benefits. (How do you upload one of their coupons? I couldn't tell you to save my life, but they have instructions here and they have information about Pays-2-Share and how one does this and gets paid right here.)

CouponChief's spokesperson, Stacy Schlicht, tells me that their top coupon uploader has so far -- in the last two weeks -- made over $450 from uploading coupons, averaging about two hours of work each day. According to Ms. Schlicht's math, that's a little over $20 an hour.