Overrated: The Jonas Brothers are not the new Beatles -- not even close


The Jonas Brothers are no doubt a teen singing sensation. The three young men, ages 15 to 20, boast sold out concerts, chart-topping records and throngs of adoring fans.

They get heaps of credit for playing their own instruments and writing their songs (isn't that what most professional musicians do?). But unlike most professional musicians, they are noted for wearing purity rings and promising to remain chaste.

They make gobs of money -- estimated at $12 million in 2007 by Portfolio.com -- and will soon have their own show on Disney's cable channel.

But are they overrated? Of course they are. I heard a radio announcer compare them recently to the Beatles. Now, that's overrated.

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Their songs are catchy, but forgettable pop tunes. Camp Rock, their debut movie was terrible. The acting of the overly made-up Joe was wooden. The other brothers appeared only briefly and their acting was even worse. I'm predicting the brothers' upcoming Disney program will be unwatchable.