Are you a Busy Izzy or a Stable Mable?

dinnerThe Canned Food Alliance, in an effort to better identify moms to target advertising, has commissioned a study that places women in four categories. We bring you the list not so much as a public service to learn how better to incorporate canned food into your family's diet, but more so to give you an afternoon laugh.

Here is what an academic study from Rutger's came up with:
  • "Busy Izzy" -- These Working, Convenience-Driven Moms are most interested in learning how to prepare meals quickly. Their food choices tend to be based on convenience and time available.
  • "Harried Harriet" -- These Time-Conscious, Stressed, Emotional Eaters are typical emotional eaters and when times get stressful, they're satisfied with what's convenient.
  • "Sunny Susan" -- These Happy, Healthy, Foodie Moms enjoy eating a variety of new and different foods. Foods are chosen with an eye on price and product information labels. Preparing quick meals is not a top priority for these moms.
  • "Stable Mable" -- These Healthy, Unbiased Moms are health-conscious, adventurous eaters who value food-related activities, but don't necessarily enjoy them. Their decisions are based more on nutrition, rather than price and convenience.

Where do you fit in? Well, to make things easier for you to figure out, the trade group has a web site,, that has a handy quiz you can take. There's also a version of the study, which concludes that while moms have a great desire to cook nutritious meals for their families, they often have to sideline those desires because they are stressed or short of time.

Hmm. Come by my house around 6 p.m. when we are all just arriving home, the infant needs to be breastfed, the toddler is strung out and the husband is a gourmet-wannabe who takes a long time to prepare simple foods. Then you'll see that the truth is that one woman usually exhibits multiple personalities. I am Izzy, Harriet, Susan and Mable all at once, with a little June Cleaver and Cruella DeVille all mixed in. And that's on a good day.
And yes, I use canned foods. On tonight's menu: cheesy beans and rice.
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