School holding back heat to save money


If you're looking to make some money-saving changes around the house, you know that kicking your thermostat up or down a few degrees is a small change that can save big bucks -- and that's just your personal electric bill. Think about the savings when we adopt the same practices in our larger buildings, like office complexes and schools.

Unfortunately, in many school buildings, it's not as simple as moving the thermostat up or down a tick. These buildings are heated by huge furnace boilers that can't be easily switched on and off -- so once they're on, they stay on. That's why a school board in Nova Scotia voted to push back the "on" date by approximately two weeks this year, to November 1.

With the rising cost of furnace fuel, this region was one of many that found itself way over its heating budget last year. This year, the school board estimates that the change will save approximately $1,000 per school in its system, adding up to approximately $24,000 in savings. Additionally, the board has asked that all cabinets and bookshelves blocking radiators in the schools to be moved so that the heating system can perform at maximum efficiency.

Sounds like a smart idea to us -- just don't forget to dress your kids in layers this year!