Calling all Jews! Small southern town wants you!

It's a twist on historical precedent, all right. The small town of Dothan, Alabama, deep in the Bible Belt, is losing its already small Jewish population to larger towns all over the South. To try and reverse that, a Jewish group there is offering a cool $50K to young Jewish families willing to relocate, and stay for five years.

The Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services, which has made the offer, is looking for a Jewish family willing to relocate to this small town and join its sole Jewish Temple, hopefully also enrolling their kids in the temple's religious school. The group will award the money, with the understanding that if a family stays for five years, it won't have to pay the money back.

The group has fielded interest from at least 20 families, but so far, no one has made the schlep South.
And what's not to like? The cost of living is low and the weather is fine. Florida's beaches beckon only 80 miles away. One citizen is quoted in newspaper reports as saying, "We've got a Friday night rush minute, and that's about it."

It's true that for many in the Northeast, the stereotypes of small-town Southern living don't exactly promise progressive living. But the group's boosters insist that they've always been made to feel at home by the town's Christian majority.

If that's indeed the case, then this is a great opportunity for some young family out there. Presuming they can bring their job opportunities with them (attention all telecommuters!), 50 large will likely get them into a lovely home or buy them a business, or otherwise set them up for a financially strong future in a town with low-crime and a family-friendly lifestyle.

Would $50,000 entice you to relocate your family?
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