Need more coffee in your coffee?


Green Mountain Coffee just came out with a new version of coffee that comes with an extra caffeine. It says Revv will have "will have 27% more coffee and 27% more kick." In other words, Green Mountain is trying to make the Jolt Cola of coffee, although it isn't as rambunctious about it: Jolt had twice the caffeine of soda.

The coffee will be sold through Exxon gas stations. So you know it must be good.

The company doesn't really get into how it is cramming more coffee into my coffee. Green Mountain's site has a detailed and worshipful discussion of caffeine: "the most popular mood-altering substance on the planet." It also brags that "caffeine in coffee occurs naturally; it's not added to coffee (as it is, for example, added to many soft drinks.)" So, that makes me think that it really is brewing Revv with more coffee, not just spiking it with more caffeine, the way a cigarette company would do.

Green Mountain says that a six ounce cup of brewed coffee has 75 to 125 mg of caffeine. So, Revv just gives you roughly 27mg more of caffeine. A measly 27mg of caffeine is hardly worth mentioning. I really enjoy Green Mountain coffee, so I'd probably rather stretch out my extra milligrams of caffeine in larger cup. Green Mountain, don't trifle with us. If you are going to put out the Jolt of coffees, give us double the caffeine!