Entrepreneur snapshot: one company's quest to stop identity theft


It's not exactly news that identity theft is a problem, but it is reassuring to know that at least some entrepreneurs are working on combating it, and in a way that doesn't require Joe Public to spend extra money. (I wonder if there is a guy out there named Joe Public, who gets ticked off every time someone uses his name to symbolize common everyday folk. I should look into that one day. But I digress.)

There are a growing number of services people can purchase to keep their identities safe. Yet the idea that I have to pay another monthly fee for this protection makes me kind of resentful. So I have to admit, as a consumer, I'm rooting for a guy like Ludwik Zon, 54, of Miri Systems, to succeed. He is the CEO of a startup, which is based on a technology that two of his business partners have developed. It's not on the market yet, but it's difficult to imagine how it won't be, if it really works the way he says it does.