RIP New York Sun, and the scoop mentality

NY Sun
NY Sun

I never worked for the New York Sun, but I was employed by its founder, Seth Lipsky, at one of his previous ventures. I'm not much of a conservative and I never agreed with the paper's editorials, but I did wholeheartedly agree with its management philosophy. That is, foremost, that if you hire good people and set them to work, they will produce great journalism. The second rule, almost as important, is that scoops rule.

Scoops, in the Internet world, are commonly referred to as original content. Blogs are all about this, and each of us out there -- WalletPop included -- is trying to dig up that magical nugget of news that will propel us to the front of the line. Most of the time, however, we're rehashing wire stories or talking about other people's blog posts in an endless loop.