Ouch! Shockingly good electric deals at the dollar store

While feeding the family must take precedence in any household, a home does not run on bread alone. Sometimes the phone cord gets crackly or you blow a fuse. Prices on some of these things can be absolutely shocking, so I headed to the dollar store, Home Depot and The Source to compare prices. Please compare prices in your area.

  • Whether you want a night light with an auto sensor or an on/off switch, Dollarama has Sunbeam night lights for a buck each. At Home Depot, the exact same style of sensor night light by Philips cost $4.99.
  • Fuses cost $2.49 for two at Home Depot and $1 each at the dollar store, so you save almost 50 cents on the cost of two fuses.

  • My dollar store has a wide variety of light bulbs. A box of 4-60 w Sunbeam light bulbs costs $1 at Dollarama, while Philips 12-packs cost $3.98 at Home Depot. You save almost a buck by buying three packages of the Sunbeam bulbs, instead. A tube light of the kind used in banker's desk lamps, cost $1 at the dollar store and $2.38 at Home Depot. Small vanity globe bulbs cost $2.27 for two at Home Depot and $1 each at the dollar store, a savings of 27 cents on two bulbs.
  • A six-foot extension cord costs a buck at Dollarama and $2.29 at Home Depot. The dollar store cord had the same safety standards seal of approval as the more expensive one. You wouldn't want to buy anything electrical that didn't.
  • Moving on to The Source. Wow! Can you say "mark-up?" I found that it charges $6.99 for a simple duplex jack that allows you to plug in two phones to the same phone jack. Pay only a buck at the dollar store. I'm sure we've got one or two of these cheapies in use around our house and we haven't had any trouble with them.
  • A 12' replacement cord for your phone's handset costs $9.99 at The Source while a 15' cord at the dollar store was only a buck.
  • We've been using a dollar store 25' phone extension cord at our house for years and it's still going strong. The same size extension cord at The Source is $9.99.
  • Dollar stores sell video and audio/video cables for a buck each, minus the gold-plated connectors. I don't pretend to know what the difference is, so you decide -- $1 each or $9.99 and $12.99 each?

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes about home decorating tips and ideas using only items from the dollar store.

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