How to get away and do good


Need to get away and you're short on cash? Is the idea of a "staycation" less than thrilling?

How about a volunteer vacation?

You can hit exotic and remote locales in Indonesia, Africa and South America by going on a volunteer vacation where you'll also be doing good for others. reports on the new trend.

There are all kinds of organizations that can hook you up with volunteer gigs working with kids, refugees, construction projects, economic co-ops and teaching. In some cases, you'll pay a fee to get started and for airfare to and from the destination but participants say it can be well-worth it for what many deem as life-changing experiences. In the case of Wildnerness Volunteers, a group that matches people with opportunities at national parks, the the cost is just $259.

Here are some organizations and their Websites to check out the opportunities: Ambassadors for Children, Wilderness Volunteers, ProWorld and Cross Cultural Solutions.

So in order to get away, why not consider giving back? It might be more satisfying than a beach-bum vacation and less expensive too. And who knows, you might find another career direction.