Issues- Why they happen

In the technology game you are either up or you are down. You can't say "Hey, the site part where you sign in worked!" and think that people will be accepting. The last three weeks at have not been our best.

We acknowledge that and apologize for all the trouble. We are responsible for our sites stability and function. It is and the games team that is letting down our thousands of game players each minute a game isn't working or you can't chat with your friends while you play. We're continually working with our partners to identify the issues, find the cause of the issues then make sure they do not happen again.

It is paramount to our business that we continue to make our site better by both adding new games, features and making sure everything is stable. We have not been doing a great job on that front. Because our site hasn't been stable, we haven't added as many games. I have been CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get our latest games out but we can't! We have so many great games in the pipeline that I want to share with everyone on our site! You all have no idea how exciting it is to get a game out and have people be happy with it. It's the best feeling in the world!

My hope is that with this post you'll get some understanding into how our business works and why things don't work when they are supposed to.
Let's breakdown who is responsible for what internally and if you see these issues you'll know who to contact.1. THE SITE IS DOWN
If you come to and a page DOES NOT LOAD or some piece of the site is not there it is likely that itself is the culprit. Please understand, I am not talking about when you launch a game or when you are inside of a game. I am referring to pages like not being there or something is off on When you see page layout issues it on me and you should feel free to let me know here

When you come to a game that is not an online game and can only be downloaded and you find an issue there is only one place to go for help. You need to go to our trusted downloadable game partner Trymedia/Macrovision They are our partner who help us handle the DRM (Digital Right Management) of games and handle the customer service for a downloaded game. If you bought a game and you have an issue, contacting us may not be the answer. The thing to do is go to their specific help site and follow their instructions.

This is where it can get tricky. Our site has two different versions of chat for online games. For all the WSOP Poker and Blackjack games the chat is handled by one company and for ALL THE OTHERS the chat is with a second partner.. As you can imagine this relationships can be confusing. Who is going to do what? When is it going to be done and who is on call. These are the sorts of issues that go on with our site quite often. If chat doesn't work, close down your game and try it again. If it still doesn't work their may be an outage. In these cases use the help button on the game page (NOT IN THE GAME) and send us message.

Again, a tough spot. Sometimes a game is down just for one person due to technology on their machine. Other times games are down because of an individual companies hardware fails. It is often difficult to know what to do. The first thing you should do is click the help files available on every game and make sure that it is not something local to your computer. If you are certain it is not your own computer do not hesitate to contact me

Our community is on the front line. We need you to help us make sure the games are working. When they aren't letting us know is the best thing you can do. If you following the steps below, you'll make getting your games back up that much easier. In an email during an outage try giving the following information:

-Time of day.
Be specific. Don't tell us "This morning" say at "8PM ET on September 4th"
-What game you are playing.
Again try and tell us the exact name of the game. We can't read minds! If it's a poker game, tell us EXACTLY witch one. In fact it might be best to send us the URL
-Describe the problem in detail.
Telling us a game is down is great and we appreciate it, however it may not be the most helpful information. What is down? Is the whole game down? It is just the chat? Just the stars? The more information you can provide the better.

I hope this post has been helpful in letting people know that it's not as easy as "It's broke, fix it!" There are intricacies with our sites and different partners who do different things to make the whole of run.

If you have any questions comments or suggestions please let me know.
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